Deeply rooted in the lands of the Cauca River Valley, a 500 year old tradition of cane cultivation still thrives. Many generations of a very diverse community have intertwined along time, amidst rich cultural and natural sceneries. The fertile lands of the Valley (El Valle, as locals call it) give life to an innumerable number of birds and flowers species. The sun shines bright most days and people are vibrant, colorful and laidback.

A long tradition of relaxation and wellness rules over this luscious land. The afternoon breeze arrives surely everyday around 4 o’clock, to remind everyone, the hectic day has passed and the time has come for a moment of indulgence, joy and friends.

Leisure time is highly regarded in this land. Friendships are to be easily made and always kept.  Sweetness is essential to everyday life and that is reflected every aspect of it.

We source the best types of raw sugar and turn it into naturally sweet moments.Beyond sweeteners, we offer endless unique experiences. Natsucar is about treating yourself to the very best, about taking time to be with yourself and others, for the pure joy of it.

Natsucar = Natural Sugar

Vegan, Organic, Raw

The best things in life take time, let us inspire you to indulge. We are not saying binge, we are saying treat yourself to what you deserve.

For special occasions or when we’re on the go….any moment is a good one to allow ourselves the delight of a sweet moment. From Colombia to your senses; take it easy, take it slow, indulge in joy.

Ensure yourself the highest quality sugar, always.  This moment, is a special one.

*We are a small family owned Colombian company looking to provide the highest quality sugar from the Cauca River Valley. In addition we turn Turbinado and organic sugar into a unique and delightful experience  We believe taking time to oneself is just as important as giving our best to others, so we promote self-care, self-love and endless sweet moments. We treasure good company, family and an always-healthy balanced life.



Quality and responsibility


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