What is Turbinado Sugar?

It is unrefined sugar.

That means, it is processed as little as possible to turn sugarcane juice into clean crystals. It means it is closer to its raw form.  

Refined sugar is processed, through sugarcane juice cleansing and bleaching, to the point of leaving only odorless, flavorless, crystalized sucrose (devoid of nutrients).

While for turbinado sugar, that juice is only processed once, hence it retains some nutrients present in sugarcane as well as the characteristic aroma, color and flavor of molasses, a naturally occurring byproduct of sugarcane juice.

Turbinado’s crystals are larger in size than refined sugar, which means you’ll consume less sugar in 1tbs of turbinado vs 1tbs of refined sugar.

Because refined sugar sweetens without an added flavor, our bodies take in the effects of it without associating it to any flavor. Like when you crave something sweet, anything sweet. What you are craving is the effect sugar has in your body, not sugar itself. To illustrate that point, think about when you’re craving a sweet, if someone offered you a spoon-fool of white sugar, would that be appetizing? Not quite.

So we believe replacing refined sugar with turbinado helps our brain become more aware of our sugar intake. Rather than getting fixed on the sensation alone, turbinado sugar’s flavor is incorporated as an actual food, with an actual flavor that’s identifiable.

Turbinado sugar evokes the best of sugarcane; molasses aroma, color and flavor. It also evokes the high quality, innovation and care we put into our sugar in our land: the magical Cauca River Valley in Colombia.  

Disclaimer: We are not making any health or scientific claims; this article is an opinion piece.  

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