Single Origin Sugar

The Cauca River Valley is a luscious land located in Southwest Colombia, cradled between the Western and Central Cordilleras. Cali is the valley’s capital and its biggest city.  

It is a fertile land where temperatures rise during the day reaching up to 86°F and then drop at night to 65°F. In the city, the days are hectic and filled with Salsa and Pacific music that can be heard any normal day at any time. Caleños (those from Cali) indulge in ice-cold beverages during the day and often enjoy sugarcane-based sweet treats.

As the afternoon approaches so does the fresh breeze from the mountains. The valley is characterized for its people’s laidback approach to life. Vallunos (that means from the Cauca River Valley) are very friendly and warm, as its weather. The valley is a culturally rich place, where Spanish, Indigenous and African culture combine bringing to life a lively, colorful culture.  

Sugarcane has a long-standing tradition in the region. It was brought to the valley, from Europe, by Spanish Conquistadores in the XVI century and it has since become an important crop in the region. Sugarcane-juice-based products are an integral part of the culture’s traditions.

Vallunos are a proud people who work on upholding local traditions. The sugar sector is an important part of the local economy and is always looking to innovate and improve. The production of Organic and Turbinado sugar is increasingly growing in share. Quality is the essence of the process and sustainability the cornerstone of their innovation.

Natsucar sugar is single origin, all coming from this fertile land. This allows for a careful and dedicated process where quality is guaranteed. Where environmental and social impact are easily measurable and accounted for.

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